The Missoula Snowgoers Snowmobile Association (MSSA) is an organization of over 200 family and business members that exists to promote, protect, and represent snowmobiling in a positive, safe manner. We bring together people who have a common interest and enjoy fun and exciting snowmobiling activities.

Our organization fully supports the Protect Public Use of Public Lands Act introduced by U.S. Sen Steve Daines.

This proposed law would return approximately 450,000 acres of land in five Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) in Montana back to the public.  The 1977 Montana Wilderness Act (MWSA) created several Wilderness Study Areas encompassing 973,000 acres to determine if they were suitable to be designated as wilderness areas.  The 1977 law required the U.S. Forest Service to report its findings to Congress within five years. The Forest Service did the assessment and recommended that many of the WSA's were not suitable as wilderness areas.

The U.S. Forest Service has been managing a number of these areas as if they were Congressionally approved wilderness areas.  This, in effect, has locked out a large portion of the public access to this land.  This management approach prohibits many of the previous approved uses in these areas, including all motorized access.

Many of our members recreate on public land every season of the year.  A number of our members snowmobiled in some of these areas before 1977 law was signed by President Carter.  It’s now time to release these areas that have already been determined not suitable as wilderness back to the public.


Missoula Snowgoers Board of Directors