Great news! We've updated how our groomers are tracked.  See below for the new tools!

The Missoula Snowgoers are now using Garmin InReach devices to track our groomers out in the field.  With this new approach, both the Garnet and Lolo Groomers are shown on a single map.  The map below will show the most recent tracks.  To get the most recent information on where the groomer has been, you will just need to do 3 simple steps:

  1. Click the "+" icon underneath the groomer you are tracking (where the red arrow is pointing).
  2. Click the "-" and "+" signs in the upper-left of the map, or use your mouse to zoom out until you see all of the most recent tracks.
  3. Click on the dots along the map to see the exact date and time that the groomer traveled that spot.

That's it!  You should be able to see both groomers most recent trip. 
If you do see the message below (where the blue arrow points), it simply means that the groomer hasn't been out recently.

Lolo and Garnet Groomer

Note! All mechanical over-the-snow vehicles, including bicycles, now need trail stickers. Here are links on where to get yours:

Montana Resident Trail Pass Permit (See "Snowmobile Permits" section)

Montana Non-Resident Temporary Permits (See "Snowmobile Permits" section)

Idaho Non-Resident Temporary Permits

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